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Volume 3 | No. 3 | June 2014

A glucagon analog chemically stabilized for immediate treatment of life-threatening hypoglycemiaFor more than half a century glucagon has been used as a critical care medicine in the treatment of life-threatening hypoglycemia...

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Improved metabolic phenotype of hypothalamic PTP1B-deficiency is dependent upon the leptin receptorProtein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) is a known regulator of central metabolic signaling, and mice with whole brain-, leptin receptor (LepRb) expressing cell-, or proopiomelanocortin neuron-specific PTP1B-deficiency are lean, leptin hypersensitive, and display improved glucose homeostasis...

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Control of obesity and glucose intolerance via building neural stem cells in the hypothalamusNeural stem cells (NSCs) were recently revealed to exist in the hypothalamus of adult mice...

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Downregulation of IRS-1 in adipose tissue of offspring of obese mice is programmed cell-autonomously through post-transcriptional mechanismsWe determined the effects of maternal diet-induced obesity on offspring adipose tissue insulin signalling and miRNA expression in the aetiology of insulin resistance in later life...

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The 60 Second Metabolist
In this section authors briefly report on their work recently published in Molecular Metabolism.

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Isa Kolbe, Henrik Oster
University of Lübeck, Germany
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