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Volume 3 | No. 9 | December 2014

GLP-1 regulates lipid metabolism via a gut-brain-liver axisTaher and colleagues show the effects of GLP-1R agonism in insulin resistance. They demonstrate that both short term peripheral and central GLP-1R stimulation induce weight loss, enhanced satiety and prevent fructose-induced dyslipidemia. The mechanism involves altered energy utilization, decreased hepatic lipid synthesis and parasympathetic signaling.

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Arachidonic acid regulates the conversion of white to brite adipocytePisani and colleagues describe a new mechanism by which dietary excess of ω6 polyunsaturated fatty acids may favor obesity. ω6 arachidonic acid strongly inhibits the conversion of white to brite adipocyte involving a prostaglandin/calcium pathway that triggers a decrease in UCP1 expression.

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Impaired insulin secretion in C57BI/6J compared to C57BI/6N miceFergusson and colleagues demonstrate using complementary tests and the hyperglycemic clamp that BI/6J mice have impaired glucose-stimulated insulin secretion compared to BI/6N. Important implications of this finding are discussed.

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The 60 Second Metabolist
In this section authors briefly report on their work recently published in Molecular Metabolism.

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Marc Reitman
National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, USA
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