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Volume 4 | No. 6 | June 2015

GhrelinT.D. Müller, R. Nogueiras, M.L. Andermann, Z.B. Andrews, S.D. Anker, J. Argente, R.L. Batterham, S.C. Benoit, C.Y. Bowers, F. Broglio, F.F. Casanueva, D. D'Alessio, I. Depoortere, A. Geliebter, E. Ghigo, P.A. Cole, M. Cowley, D.E. Cummings, A. Dagher, S. Diano, S.L. Dickson, C. Diéguez, R. Granata, H.J. Grill, K. Grove, K.M. Habegger, K. Heppner, M.L. Heiman, L. Holsen, B. Holst, A. Inui, J.O. Jansson, H. Kirchner, M. Korbonits, B. Laferrère, C.W. LeRoux, M. Lopez, S. Morin, M. Nakazato, R. Nass, D. Perez-Tilve, P.T. Pfluger, T.W. Schwartz, R.J. Seeley, M. Sleeman, Y. Sun, L. Sussel, J. Tong, M.O. Thorner, A.J. van der Lely, L.H.T. van der Ploeg, J.M. Zigman, M. Kojima, K. Kangawa, R.G. Smith, T. Horvath, M.H. Tschöp

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Original Research Article
Integration of body temperature into the analysis of energy expenditure in the mouseGustavo Abreu-Vieira, Cuiying Xiao, Oksana Gavrilova, Marc L. Reitman

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Original Research Article
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is required for axonal growth of selective groups of neurons in the arcuate nucleusGuey-Ying Liao, Karine Bouyer, Anna Kamitakahara, Niaz Sahibzada, Chien-Hua Wang, Michael Rutlin, Richard B. Simerly, Baoji Xu

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Original Research Article
Cholinergic neurons in the dorsomedial hypothalamus regulate mouse brown adipose tissue metabolismJae Hoon Jeong, Dong Kun Lee, Clemence Blouet, Henry H. Ruiz, Christoph Buettner, Streamson Chua Jr., Gary J. Schwartz, Young-Hwan Jo

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Original Research Article
Obesity in a model of gpx4 haploinsufficiency uncovers a causal role for lipid-derived aldehydes in human metabolic disease and cardiomyopathyLalage A. Katunga, Preeti Gudimella, Jimmy T. Efird, Scott Abernathy, Taylor A. Mattox, Cherese Beatty, Timothy M. Darden, Kathleen A. Thayne, Hazaim Alwair, Alan P. Kypson, Jitka A. Virag, Ethan J. Anderson

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