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Volume 4 | No. 7 | July 2015

Original Research Article
A major role of insulin in promoting obesity-associated adipose tissue inflammationDavid J. Pedersen, Adilson Guilherme, Laura V. Danai, Lauren Heyda, Anouch Matevossian, Jessica Cohen, Sarah M. Nicoloro, Juerg Straubhaar, Hye Lim Noh, DaeYoung Jung, Jason K. Kim, Michael P. Czech

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Original Research Article
Fibroblast growth factor 21 is elevated in metabolically unhealthy obesity and affects lipid deposition, adipogenesis, and adipokine secretion of human abdominal subcutaneous adipocytesLucia Berti, Martin Irmler, Marty Zdichavsky, Tobias Meile, Anja Böhm, Norbert Stefan, Andreas Fritsche, Johannes Beckers, Alfred Königsrainer, Hans-Ulrich Häring, Martin Hrabě de Angelis, Harald Staiger

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Original Research Article
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha plays a crucial role in behavioral repetition and cognitive flexibility in miceGiuseppe D'Agostino, Claudia Cristiano, David J. Lyons, Rita Citraro, Emilio Russo, Carmen Avagliano, Roberto Russo, Giuseppina Mattace Raso, Rosaria Meli, Giovambattista De Sarro, Lora K. Heisler, Antonio Calignano

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Brief Communication
Genetic disruption of uncoupling protein 1 in mice renders brown adipose tissue a significant source of FGF21 secretionSusanne Keipert, Maria Kutschke, Daniel Lamp, Laura Brachthäuser, Frauke Neff, Carola W. Meyer, Rebecca Oelkrug, Alexei Kharitonenkov, Martin Jastroch

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Brief Communication
Notch intracellular domain overexpression in adipocytes confers lipodystrophy in miceDionysios V. Chartoumpekis, Dushani L. Palliyaguru, Nobunao Wakabayashi, Nicholas K.H. Khoo, Gabriele Schoiswohl, Robert M. O'Doherty, Thomas W. Kensler

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