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Volume 4 | No. 8 | August 2015

Original Research Article
Glucagon-to-insulin ratio is pivotal for splanchnic regulation of FGF-21 in humansJakob Schiøler Hansen, Jens Otto Clemmesen, Niels Henry Secher, Miriam Hoene, Andrea Drescher, Cora Weigert, Bente Klarlund Pedersen, Peter Plomgaard

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Brief Communication
Glucose intolerance induced by blockade of central FGF receptors is linked to an acute stress responseJennifer M. Rojas, Miles E. Matsen, Thomas O. Mundinger, Gregory J. Morton, Darko Stefanovski, Richard N. Bergman, Karl J. Kaiyala, Gerald J. Taborsky Jr., Michael W. Schwartz

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Brief Communication
Knockout of STAT3 in skeletal muscle does not prevent high-fat diet-induced insulin resistanceAmanda T. White, Samuel A. LaBarge, Carrie E. McCurdy, Simon Schenk

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Brief Communication
A novel crosstalk between Alk7 and cGMP signaling differentially regulates brown adipocyte functionAileen Balkow, Johanna Jagow, Bodo Haas, Franziska Siegel, Ana Kilić, Alexander Pfeifer

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Brief Communication
Macrophages are essential for CTGF-mediated adult β-cell proliferation after injuryKimberly G. Riley, Raymond C. Pasek, Matthew F. Maulis, Jennifer C. Dunn, W. Reid Bolus, Peggy L. Kendall, Alyssa H. Hasty, Maureen Gannon

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Corrigendum to “Nuclear Factor-Y is an adipogenic factor that regulates leptin gene expression”[Mol Metab 4 (2015) 392–405]Yi-Hsueh Lu, Olof Stefan Dallner, Kivanc Birsoy, Gulya Fayzikhodjaeva, Jeffrey M. Friedman

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