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Volume 4 | No. 9 | Sept. 2015

Dissecting diabetes/metabolic disease mechanisms using pluripotent stem cells and genome editing toolsAdrian Kee Keong Teo, Manoj K. Gupta, Alessandro Doria and Rohit N. Kulkarni

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FGF21, energy expenditure and weight loss - how much brown fat do you need?Leon Straub and Christian Wolfrum

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Original Research Article
Limited impact on glucose homeostasis of leptin receptor deletion from insulin- or proglucagon-expressinHelen Soedling, David J. Hodson, Alice E. Adrianssens, Fiona M. Gribble, Frank Reimann, Stefan Trapp and Guy A. Rutter

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Original Research Article
Pannexin 1 is required for full activation of insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in adipocytesSamantha E. Adamson, Akshaya K. Meher, Yu-hsin Chiu, Joanna K. Sandilos, Nathaniel P. Oberholtzer, Natalie N. Walker, Stefan R. Hargett, Scott A. Seaman, Shayn M. Peirce-Cottler, Brant E. Isakson, Coleen A. McNamara, Susanna R. Keller, Thurl E. Harris, Douglas A. Bayliss, Norbert Leitinger

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Original Research Article
Limited OXPHOS capacity in white adipocytes is a hallmark of obesity in laboratory mice irrespective of the glucose tolerance statusTheresa Schöttl, Lisa Kappler, Tobias Fromme, Martin Klingenspor

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Brief Communication
The AMPK activator R419 improves exercise capacity and skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity in obese miceKatarina Marcinko, Adam L. Bujak, James S.V. Lally, Rebecca J. Ford, Tammy H. Wong, Brennan K. Smith, Bruce E. Kemp, Yonchu Jenkins, Wei Li, Todd M. Kinsella, Yasumichi Hitoshi, Gregory R. Steinberg

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The 60 Second Metabolist
In this section authors briefly report on their work recently published in Molecular Metabolism.

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Lena Eliasson, Jonathan Esguerra, Jones Ofori
Lund University, Malmö, Sweden
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