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Volume 5 | No. 1 | January 2016

Hunger: The carrot and the stickScott M. Sternson

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Chewing the fat for better insulin secretionSofianos Andrikopoulos

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Adipose tissue glycogen accumulation is associated with obesity-linked inflammation in humansVictòria Ceperuelo-Mallafré, Miriam Ejarque, Carolina Serena, Xavier Duran, Marta Montori-Grau, Miguel Angel Rodríguez, Oscar Yanes, Catalina Núñez-Roa, Kelly Roche, Prasanth Puthanveetil, Lourdes Garrido-Sánchez, Enrique Saez, Francisco J. Tinahones, Pablo M. Garcia-Roves, Anna M Gómez-Foix, Alan R. Saltiel, Joan Vendrell, Sonia Fernández-Veledo

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Original Research Article
Stress-induced activation of brown adipose tissue prevents obesity in conditions of low adaptive thermogenesisMaria Razzoli, Andrea Frontini, Allison Gurney, Eleonora Mondini, Cankut Cubuk, Liora S. Katz, Cheryl Cero, Patrick J. Bolan, Joaquin Dopazo, Antonio Vidal-Puig, Saverio Cinti, Alessandro Bartolomucci

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Skeletal muscle salt inducible kinase 1 promotes insulin resistance in obesityMark Nixon, Randi Stewart-Fitzgibbon, Jingqi Fu, Dmitry Akhmedov, Kavitha Rajendran, Maria G. Mendoza-Rodriguez, Yisel A. Rivera-Molina, Micah Gibson, Eric D. Berglund, Nicholas J. Justice, Rebecca Berdeaux

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Original Research Article
Incretin-like effects of small molecule trace amine-associated receptor 1 agonistsSusanne Raab, Haiyan Wang, Sabine Uhles, Nadine Cole, Ruben Alvarez-Sanchez, Basil Künnecke, Christoph Ullmer, Hugues Matile, Marc Bedoucha, Roger D. Norcross, Nickki Ottaway-Parker, Diego Perez-Tilve, Karin Conde Knape, Matthias H. Tschöp, Marius C. Hoener, Sabine Sewing

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Brief Communication
EBF2 promotes the recruitment of beige adipocytes in white adipose tissueRachel R. Stine, Suzanne N. Shapira, Hee-Woong Lim, Jeff Ishibashi, Matthew Harms, Kyoung-Jae Won, Patrick Seale

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