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Volume 5 | No. 2 | February 2016

Original Research Article
Ataxin-10 is part of a cachexokine cocktail triggering cardiac metabolic dysfunction in cancer cachexiaMichaela Schäfer, Christian U. Oeing, Maria Rohm, Ezgi Baysal-Temel, Lorenz H. Lehmann, Ralf Bauer, H. Christian Volz, Michael Boutros, Daniela Sohn, Carsten Sticht, Norbert Gretz, Katrin Eichelbaum, Tessa Werner, Marc N. Hirt, Thomas Eschenhagen, Karin Müller-Decker, Oliver Strobel, Thilo Hackert, Jeroen Krijgsveld, Hugo A. Katus, Mauricio Berriel Diaz, Johannes Backs, Stephan Herzig

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Original Research Article
Muscle mitochondrial stress adaptation operates independently of endogenous FGF21 actionMario Ost, Verena Coleman, Anja Voigt, Evert M. van Schothorst, Susanne Keipert, Inge van der Stelt, Sebastian Ringel, Antonia Graja, Thomas Ambrosi, Anna P. Kipp, Martin Jastroch, Tim J. Schulz, Jaap Keijer, Susanne Klaus

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Original Research Article
Ventromedial hypothalamic expression of Bdnf is required to establish normal patterns of afferent GABAergic connectivity and responses to hypoglycemiaAnna Kamitakahara, Baoji Xu, Richard Simerly

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Original Research Article
Mediobasal hypothalamic overexpression of DEPTOR protects against high-fat diet-induced obesityAlexandre Caron, Sébastien M Labbé, Damien Lanfray, Pierre-Gilles Blanchard, Romain Villot, Christian Roy, David M Sabatini, Denis Richard, Mathieu Laplante

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Original Research Article
Adipocyte-specific blockade of gamma-secretase, but not inhibition of Notch activity, reduces adipose insulin sensitivityDavid P. Sparling, Junjie Yu, KyeongJin Kim, Changyu Zhu, Sebastian Brachs, Andreas L. Birkenfeld, Utpal B. Pajvani

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Original Research Article
IL-13 improves beta-cell survival and protects against IL-1beta-induced beta-cell deathSabine Rütti, Cédric Howald, Caroline Arous, Emmanouil Dermitzakis, Philippe A. Halban, Karim Bouzakri

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