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Volume 5 | No. 5 | May 2016

A healthy gastrointestinal microbiome is dependent on dietary diversityMark L. Heiman, Frank L. Greenway

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High density lipoprotein and metabolic disease: Potential benefits of restoring its functional propertiesTeja Klancic, Lavinia Woodward, Susanna M. Hofmann, Edward A. Fisher

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Obesogenic memory can confer long-term increases in adipose tissue but not liver inflammation and insulin resistance after weight lossJ. Schmitz, N. Evers, M. Awazawa, H.T. Nicholls, H.S. Brönneke, A. Dietrich, J. Mauer, M. Blüher, J.C. Brüning

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Thioesterase superfamily member 1 suppresses cold thermogenesis by limiting the oxidation of lipid droplet-derived fatty acids in brown adipose tissueKosuke Okada, Katherine B. LeClair, Yongzhao Zhang, Yingxia Li, Cafer Ozdemir, Tibor I. Krisko, Susan J. Hagen, Rebecca A. Betensky, Alexander S. Banks, David E. Cohen

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White-to-brite conversion in human adipocytes promotes metabolic reprogramming towards fatty acid anabolic and catabolic pathwaysV. Barquissau, D. Beuzelin, D.F. Pisani, G.E. Beranger, A. Mairal, A. Montagner, B. Roussel, G. Tavernier, M.-A. Marques, C. Moro, H. Guillou, E.-Z. Amri, D. Langin

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Inter-domain tagging implicates caveolin-1 in insulin receptor trafficking and Erk signaling bias in pancreatic beta-cellsTobias Boothe, Gareth E. Lim, Haoning Cen, Søs Skovsø, Micah Piske, Shu Nan Li, Ivan R. Nabi, Patrick Gilon, James D. Johnson

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Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, USA
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