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Volume 6 | No. 4 | April 2017

Response to Leptin-deficient mice are not hypothermic, they are anapyrexicKarl J. Kaiyala, Kayoko Ogimoto, Jarrell T. Nelson, Kenjiro Muta, Gregory J. Morton

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AMPK is required for exercise to enhance insulin sensitivity in skeletal musclesJørgen Jensen, Stephen O'Rahilly

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Original Research Article
Weight loss independent changes in adipose tissue macrophage and T cell populations after sleeve gastrectomy in miceHenriette Frikke-Schmidt, Brian F. Zamarron, Robert W. O'Rourke, Darleen A. Sandoval, Carey N. Lumeng, Randy J. Seeley

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Original Research Article
DNA methylation alters transcriptional rates of differentially expressed genes and contributes to pathophysiology in mice fed a high fat dietPili Zhang, Tianjiao Chu, N. Dedousis, Benjamin S. Mantell, Ian Sipula, Lucy Li, Kimberly D. Bunce, Patricia A. Shaw, Liora S. Katz, Jun Zhu, Carmen Argmann, Robert M. O'Doherty, David G. Peters, Donald K. Scott

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Original Research Article
Molecular phenotyping of multiple mouse strains under metabolic challenge uncovers a role for Elovl2 in glucose-induced insulin secretionCéline Cruciani-Guglielmacci, Lara Bellini, Jessica Denom, Masaya Oshima, Neïké Fernandez, Priscilla Normandie-Levi, Xavier P. Berney, Nadim Kassis, Claude Rouch, Julien Dairou, Tracy Gorman, David M. Smith, Anna Marley, Robin Liechti, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Leonore Wigger, Frédéric Burdet, Anne-Laure Lefèvre, Isabelle Wehrle, Ingo Uphues, Tobias Hildebrandt, Werner Rust, Catherine Bernard, Alain Ktorza, Guy A. Rutter, Raphael Scharfmann, Ioannis Xenarios, Hervé Le Stunff, Bernard Thorens, Christophe Magnan, Mark Ibberson

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Original Research Article
Global mRNA sequencing of human skeletal muscle: Search for novel exercise-regulated myokinesS. Pourteymour, K. Eckardt, T. Holen, T. Langleite, Sindre Lee, J. Jensen, K.I. Birkeland, C.A. Drevon, M. Hjorth

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Astrocyte IKKβ/NF-κB signaling is required for diet-induced obesity and hypothalamic inflammationJ.D. Douglass, M.D. Dorfman, R. Fasnacht, L.D. Shaffer, J.P. Thaler

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Cannabinoid type 1 receptor-containing axons innervate NPY/AgRP neurons in the mouse arcuate nucleusYury M. Morozov, Marco Koch, Pasko Rakic, Tamas L. Horvath

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